Jacksonville Beach is one of several little seaside villages nestled on a strip of land in northeast Florida. The time is 1956. A small population lives at the beach year-round. Oliver Patten lived and worked with his family in Jacksonville Beach, where he owned and operated a plumbing and heating business. One day a man arrived to see Oliver around noon. He began chatting with Jeannie, Oliver and Lydia Patten’s five year old daughter, who was riding her tricycle in front of her house. John “Jack” Hess was a retired AAA employee and a former elder in the National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. Mr. Hess asked Jeannie if she went to Sunday school. Jeannie explained that there was no church near her house. Mr. Hess decided to investigate the possibility of getting a Presbyterian church closer to where Jeannie and her family lived so they could worship closer to home. Thus, the journey of Palms Presbyterian Church began.

Over the years, Palms has kept the focus of being a community where a family could come to serve God together. Providing engaging worship, education for all ages, care for the whole range of the community and serving in Jacksonville Beach and the world, Palms seeks to serve God as a family of faith. Moving to our current location over 50 years ago, Palms recently updated its facilities to better serve the church and the community. As a community, Palms has always looked beyond itself into Gods’ world and has been instrumental in the formation of local mission organizations such as Pablo Towers, BEAM, Mission House, and Beaches Habitat.