The Nurture Ministry helps all people learn, live, love and serve in the way of Jesus.

At Palms, we all are on a journey of faith. We want to live with and for God, and the Nurture ministry offers opportunities to deepen, wrestle with, and engage our faith. Christian Education has long been a cornerstone of the church. However, it’s not about becoming “smarter” Christians, or even about Sunday school, but growing into disciples who live our faith on a daily basis. Following Jesus is a journey of a lifetime, and so we have programs and events for all ages, on different days of the week, and at many different times. There are many ways to get involved in Nurture, but no one can do it alone. Join the Palms community as we learn, live, love and serve in the way of Jesus.


CAMP Choir with Dr. C
Rm. 119/121  
(Open to children grades 2 - 5)

Shalom Sabbath 
Hess Chapel