In worship, music is an offering and a prayer. It is an offering that we give to God that submits to God the full range of our lives from praise to lament. In so doing, music, like prayer, voices our deepest hopes, convictions, joys and fears before our Creator. Music also touches the deepest parts of our lives, providing comfort, eliciting joy, and moving us to faithfulness. Music is an important part of our worship life. At most morning service, a marvelous Chancel Choir provides music in a more traditional sense. The Sunset Music Team offers music that is more contemporary for our evening service, Vespers at Sunset. Other musical opportunities include a mid-week music CAMP that teaches children to praise God through song and instrument. A bell choir and children's choir also lead worship with music throughout the year.

Music at Palms: Share the Transformative Gift of Music 

Great music is an important part of the worship life at Palms and we need lots of people of ALL ages to help! Come and join us as we connect through the gift of music!

Chancel Choir rehearses Wednesday evenings and provides music leadership at our morning services at 7:30 - 9pm in room 121.

CAMP (Christian Afterschool Music Program) is a music enrichment program for children in grades 2 – 5. Do you know a child who loves music? The CAMP curriculum teaches singing, rhythm comprehension, handbells and rhythm instruments from around the world. CAMP meets on Wednesdays and children need not be disciples of Palms to participate. If your child attends the Palms KAIROS program, they can proceed directly from CAMP to KAIROS at 4:15 - 5:30pm in rooms 119/121.

Children’s Choir rehearses Sunday mornings at 9:40 - 10am room 121

Sunset Music Team rehearses Thursday evenings and provides music leadership at our Sunset service Sundays at 5:45pm in Hess Chapel at 7:30 - 9pm.

Chancel Bells rehearse Tuesday evenings at 5:30 - 6:30pm in rooms 119/121.

Cherub Choir is for children ages 3 through kindergarten. Rehearsals take place on Sunday mornings in the Palms Preschool area in room 302 at 9:45 - 10am.

Questions? Contact Dr. C at 246-0594 x 242.