About Us



God has called us together in community to grow in faith and be sent out to serve in God’s world. We invite you to visit us! You’ll find a warm, caring atmosphere in which to worship, give praise to God, and be challenged to serve God in the world! Palms Presbyterian Church is part of the PC(USA).


Worship is our way of life. All that we do is to be offered to God as worship, an offering of praise and thanksgiving. Gathering for worship at Palms, we find our lives energized, our focus lifted and our hopes stoked for God’s kingdom. Twenty-nine cents of every dollar given to Palms supports our worship through our Sunday morning services, our special Christmas and Easter services, and our weekly Evening Prayer service of healing and wholeness. These funds support our incredible music program under the direction of Dr. Ronn Cummings, as well as providing for wonderful worship leadership including our Palms’ staff. Gathering together, we bring the stories of our lives and have them loved, embraced and re-narrated in God’s great story for creation. Our worship life is central to enabling us to make a difference in God’s world, as it is sustenance and energy for our faith journeys.

Sanctuary Pews


One of the ‘foundational’ ways we worship God is “to connect in community”. God’s call has always been towards community, whether it be the children of Israel or the Body of Christ. The Connection Ministry works to bridge us together as a family of faith, welcome new members to Palms and further connect Palms with our local community. New visions are being developed for how we can strengthen the ties that bind us together through fellowship and welcome. We seek to meet our neighbors where they are with the Good News of the Gospel. Sixteen cents of every dollar given to Palms goes to support the work of the Connection Ministry.



In order to join God at work at Palms and throughout the world, we intentionally nurture ourselves in and through the love of God. Growing in our faith for us as individuals means deepening our walk with God. This means that as a congregation we are called to nurture Palms’ members through opportunities for spiritual growth for all ages. Our Faith Formation & Nurture Ministry provides opportunities as varied as youth and adult mission trips to Vacation Bible School to meditation spaces, for every person who comes to Palms to deepen and strengthen their relationship with God. Twenty-one cents of every dollar given to Palms goes to support our Nurture ministries that enrich and enhance our spiritual journeys. Transformed and growing into Christ, our Nurture ministries intentionally prepare us to be bridge builders, ambassadors and servant leaders in God’s world.



Disciples of God connected in community and nurtured in love serve God’s work in the world. All of Palms’ ministries are interconnected, woven together and all lead us to make a difference in our lives and the lives of those in and around Palms and throughout the world. Our Serve Ministry enables us to live out our faith directly through the work of justice, compassion and service. Serve ministries both care for our home bound members and also build homes for those in need through our mission partnership with Habitat for Humanity. This ministry also provides meals for members who need them and also feeds hungry children at our local schools through our Kids’ Kitchen program. We ensure that members connect to our community, and work with community partners to enhance access for our neighbors to basic human needs. Our Haiti partnerships work to provide access to clean water, education and health care for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Thirty-four cents of every dollar given to Palms supports our living out Christ’s call in our lives to be servants to one another.