Seasoned Saints



Seasoned Saints, was established in 2018 to meet the needs of disciples aged 65 and over at Palms. A Senior Council works with the program coordinator. In the first year, successful programs were held with approximately 60 people in attendance. The first program year included workshops on forgiveness, mindfulness and hospice.

Since its inception, Seasoned Saints has sponsored several major events. These included a workshop on storytelling, a luncheon with the Head Curator at the Cummer Museum of Art, workshops on the health of brain and body, a luncheon titled “Love Abounds” that featured music by the Palms choral interns, and a presentation by Palms disciple, Mort Crim on his life as a journalist. Attendance at events averages 80 to 90 people. Occasionally, classes on a variety of topics are offered.

The Seasoned Saints coordinator also works with the Youth Ministry Coordinator to create opportunities for intergenerational interaction.